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For sale $120,000
PT LT 7 DETLOR ROAD, bancroft, Ontario

Pt Lt 7 Detlor Road

Bancroft, Ontario

For sale $799,000
1 0'GRADY Lake, carlow, Ontario

1 0'grady Lake

Carlow, Ontario

For sale $13,500
PT 64 RIVER ROAD EAST ROAD, campbellford, Ontario

Pt 64 River Road East Road

Campbellford, Ontario

For sale $249,900
LIMERICK LAKE ROAD, limerick, Ontario

Limerick Lake Road

Limerick, Ontario

For sale $67,000
274 MCGUIRE BEACH RD, kawartha lakes, Ontario

274 Mcguire Beach Rd

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

For sale $14,900
ANAF ROAD, hastings highlands, Ontario

Anaf Road

Hastings Highlands, Ontario

For sale $34,900
1124 LITTLE HAWK LK ROAD, algonquin highlands, Ontario

1124 Little Hawk Lk Road

Algonquin Highlands, Ontario

For sale $225,000
63 0-AT-KA ROAD, bancroft, Ontario

63 0-At-Ka Road

Bancroft, Ontario

For sale $630,000
CONCESSION 11 CONCESSION E, hastings, Ontario

Concession 11 Concession E

Hastings, Ontario

For sale $159,000
PT LT 6 CONCESSION 6, kawartha lakes, Ontario

Pt Lt 6 Concession 6

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

For sale $159,000
PT LT 6 CON 6 ELDON CONCESSION, woodville, Ontario

Pt Lt 6 Con 6 Eldon Concession

Woodville, Ontario

For sale $165,000
441 HILTON'S POINT ROAD N, norland, Ontario

441 Hilton's Point Road N

Norland, Ontario

For sale $199,000

Indian Road And Marine Drive

Norwood, Ontario

For sale $229,900
LOT 4 LITTLE BRITAIN RD, kawartha lakes, Ontario

Lot 4 Little Britain Rd

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

For sale $169,000
186 NICHOLSON LANE, limerick, Ontario

186 Nicholson Lane

Limerick, Ontario

For sale $339,000
1013 MARIETTA LANE, minden, Ontario

1013 Marietta Lane

Minden, Ontario

For sale $239,000
1140 HIGHWAY 36, bobcaygeon, Ontario

1140 Highway 36

Bobcaygeon, Ontario

For sale $179,000
100 HIGHGATE RD, kawartha lakes, Ontario

100 Highgate Rd

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

For sale $110,000
1101 SOUTH BAPTISTE LAKE ROAD, hastings highlands, Ontario

1101 South Baptiste Lake Road

Hastings Highlands, Ontario

For sale $149,900
132 KENNEDY ROAD, boulter, Ontario

132 Kennedy Road

Boulter, Ontario

For sale $299,900
BUILDING LOT FIRE ROUTE 93 A, havelock-belmont-methuen twp, Ontario

Building Lot Fire Route 93 A

Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario

For sale $45,000
PT LT 5 CON 3 COUNTRY RD 30, trent hills, Ontario

Pt Lt 5 Con 3 Country Rd 30

Trent Hills, Ontario

For sale $99,900
LT 32 SIDDON LAKE PL, faraday, Ontario

Lt 32 Siddon Lake Pl

Faraday, Ontario

For sale $164,900
N/A 4TH LINE DUMMER, douro-dummer, Ontario

N/a 4th Line Dummer

Douro-Dummer, Ontario